GF-64TYD Reversible Sychronous Motor

Dimension : Diameter:120X70
Power : 10-30W
Rotate direction : CW / CCW / Bi-direction
Application : Motorized Valve,Auger motor for Pellet Stove,Pellet Feeder, Pellet Stove Auger
Pellet Burner, Pellet Grinder.

1. Introduction and Application


Die Casting Zinc Gear box

Excellent torque characterisitcs 
Instantaneous start/stop 
Reliable starting and directional stability 
Virtually silent running for noise sensitive environments 
Speed state invariable not effected by voltage under rated frequency
Winding will not ruin when motor over loading or abrupt stop running

High quality engineering ensures a quiet and long running life 

 Super Quiet and Stable!  No Noise !  No Vibration ! 

2. Data and Drawing


3.Frequence Answered Question

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