Introduce for-Rotisserie Motors

A rotisserie motor is an electrical device used to rotate a spit or other cooking element over a grill or other heat source. The motor can be an independent unit attached to the side of a grill, or it can be integrated into the workings of a grill or other oven-type cooker. There are several designs for a rotisserie motor, with some units using a tight rubber or plastic belt to turn a wheel that, in turn, rotates the spit, or the motor could consist of a series of gears and cogs that rotate together directly. The power source for a rotisserie motor can be standard batteries, a rechargeable battery pack, an electric cord for an outlet, or electrical leads that can be wired directly into a power source, such as the grill itself or an external electrical fixture. Most often, the rotisserie motor has a small, squared or hexagonal socket where the end of a spit can be inserted so it can be rotated, while in other models the motor turns a toothed wheel designed to be used with spits or baskets that have a matching cog on the end.