BL3650 Brushless Motors with Built-in Driver

Dimension : Diameter:36 Height:50mm
Power : 8W-15W
Voltage: DC12V-24V
Controller: Built-in Driver/Reverse Rotation/Speed Regulation/Protection
Application : Small Appliance/Projector/Pellet Grill/Hair Dryer/Massager.

1. Introduction and Application


CW & CCW, Signal function available, 

Locked rotor protection, Stepless speed regulation,

Low noise, Low EMI, Long life 10000-30000hrs 


Home Application: White Goods, Small Appliance, Coffee Machine

Medical Apparatus: Medical Pump, Surgery Tools, Medical Stirrer

Power Tools: Screwdriver, Drill, Air Compressor 

Business Equipment: Printer, Copier, Projector, ATM, Vending Machine 

Personal Care: Hair Dryer, Electric Shaver, Massager 

Different Gearbox for low speed solution is available now.   

2. Data and Drawing

Brushless DC Motor BL3650
3. Standard Products List

The following products are available for all the customer. It will help to reduce your cost and fasten the lead time of your order. However, we can make the motor as your requirement and design a new product for application.

  1. C030001 BL3650 DC24V 5800RPM 


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